What To Look for In a professional money counter

What To Look for In a professional money counter

The professional money counter is, without doubt, one of the models popular with businesses that deal with a lot of cash. That is because of its advanced features. Unlike the typical currency counter machine, the professional money counter comes with more functions that make the more effective. You can set its batch mode, detect half notes, chain note detection amongst other functions.

However, for those planning to buy these machines for the first time, it is important to note that there are various models to pick from. The models come with different features to address various needs in the market. If you want to buy a professional money counter, the most important thing that you need to consider is key features. These are the basic features that make a good professional money counter. Here are the main features that you need to look for in these machines:


The first thing that you should consider is the size of the machine. This may also include the weight of the money counter. Depending on the space that you want to place the machine, you should bring in a machine that fits well. There are various models, and the size would be one of the factors while selecting. Make sure that you checked the weight and how much can be supported.

The Speed

The second thing that you need to look for in professional money counter is the performance. To get that right, you need to look at the speed of the machine. Every genuine manufacturer ensures that they have clarified the optimal speed that the machine can reach. So check how many notes the machine can count in a minute. A machine that can count around 800 to 1000 notes in a minute would be a cool choice.

Counterfeit detection features

The counterfeit bill detection features is another factor that you need to look for in professional money counter. There various technologies that are used to detect fake bills including IR, MG, IM, CIS and VU amongst others. UV is one of the most effective and hence you need to look for its quality.

Ease of use and maintenance

The ease of use and maintenance of professional money counter is another factor that you buyers must always consider. Check how much of the functions have been automated. When it comes to maintenance, the machine should be easily open to access the interior. That will make it easy to repair and maintain your machine.

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